He’s been ranked Los Angeles’s top realtor—and with over $6.5 billion in residential real estate sales—it’s hard to argue with his track record.  

Aaron Kirman, the current President of the Estates Division at Compass, and star of the show Listing Impossible, has made a name for himself over the last two decades selling some of the most luxurious houses in the country—from Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House, to the $65 million Danny Thomas Estate. 

So what’s his secret to success? Turns out there’s no one magic bullet—and ultimately, many of the techniques used to sell to the world’s ultra-rich are not that different from your everyday realtor. 

Sitting down with Aaron for two hours, I had the chance to pick his brain on what current home buyers buyers want, and how agents and home sellers can use this information to maximize their value on the real estate market. 

Selling like a millionaire, I learned, came down to four main principles.

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